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This section provides statistics for the 8 countries addressed in AGRICISTRADE (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine) between 2004 and 2014-2015. The data was compiled a first time in 2014 by the project partners, using national statistical and other data sources, and was then updated in 2015 and 2016 with available data.

The contents of the consolidated database are organized in 11 main chapters: (1) key general statistics, (2) key agricultural statistics, (3) land use, (4) crop production, (5) animals and livestock production, (6) agricultural output prices, (7) agricultural output price indices, (8) human consumption per capita and self-sufficiency in selected agricultural products, (9) farm structure, (10) trade in agriculture, forestry and fishery and (11) policy.

Armenia  Armenia Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan Belarus  Belarus Georgia  Georgia
Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan Moldova  Moldova Russia  Russia Ukraine  Ukraine

Content of each dataset

  1. Key general statistics
  2. Key agricultural statistics
  • General agricultural statistics
  • Agricultural output
  • Share of individual products in total agricultural goods output
  • Gross Agricultural Output volume changes
  1. Land use
  • General figures on land use
  • Mineral fertilizer use
  1. Crop production
  • Area of production
  • Production
  • Yield per hectare
  1. Animals and livestock production
  • Herd size
  • Livestock and livestock products production
  1. Agricultural output prices
  • Average producer (selling) prices for certain agricultural products
  1. Agricultural output price indices
  • Agricultural output price indices; nominal (previous year=100)
  • Real agricultural output price indices; (deflated) (2010=100)
  1. Human consumption per capita and self-sufficiency in selected agricultural products
  • Human consumption of certain agricultural products (kg/head)
  • Self-sufficiency in certain agricultural products (%)
  1. Farm structure
  2. Trade in agriculture, forestry and fishery
  • Exports by selected commodity groups
  • Imports by selected commodity groups
  • Trade balance by selected commodity groups
  1. Policy
  • Budgetary and other transfers (BOT) arising from policy measures that support agriculture
  • Market price support as a share of value of production at farm gate producer prices

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Armenia  Armenia Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan
Belarus  Belarus Georgia  Georgia
Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan Moldova  Moldova
Russia  Russia Ukraine  Ukraine
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