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Euroquality SARL (France)

Established in 1997, Euroquality is a service provider specialising in policy evaluation and in consulting for private and public organisations. Its main activities are consultancies in agricultural and research policies and in innovation. Building on the experience of the FP6 project CEC AGRI POLICY and the FP7 AgriPolicy, EQY ensures the coordination of the AGRICISTRADE project.


Contact : Sébastien Poulain

Email: sebastien.poulain(at)euroquality.fr

Phone : +33 556528926


Agricultural Economics Research Institute (The Netherlands)

The mission of LEI, part of Wageningen UR, is: ‘To promote the quality of food, the living environment and living conditions within international society’. LEI works for governments and industry, developing economic knowledge in the fields of food, agriculture and green space. LEI-WUR has extensive experience in coordinating FP projects and large policy projects for various DGs. Beside, LEI has an international leading position in large scale agricultural economic modelling (MAGNET, CAPRI, AGMEMOD) and linking these models with biophysical models. In AGRICISTRADE project LEI performs overall scientific coordination. The team leads also WP6 on scenarios analysis for production and trade developments and contributes significantly to WP4 (explore competitive chains) and WP5 (toolbox development).


Contact: Siemen Van Berkum

Email: siemen.vanberkum(at)wur.nl

Phone : +31 703358101



Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (Germany)

IAMO, established in 1994, is a foundation under public law that provides applied research in Agricultural economics, trains scholars, and acts as a forum for scientific exchange. IAMO investigates the development of agri-food sectors and rural areas, particularly in the New Member States of the European Union, candidates and potential candidate countries, as well as other transition issues in countries and regions in Central Asia, and China. In AGRICISTRADE project, IAMO leads WP 4 (explore competitive chains) and also actively contributes to WP 3 (explore the untapped potentials), and WP 5-7.


Contact: Axel Wolz

Email: wolz(at)iamo.de


Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (Slovenia)

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS) is a public research organisation founded in 1898. In the frame of its registered activity the institute carries out basic and applied research studies, expert projects, and educational, advisory, laboratory and other services. Agricultural Economics Department is involved in research and expert activities in a relatively broad area of agricultural economics, agricultural policy and rural development issues. In AGRICISTRADE project, KIS leads WP1 (statistical data base and inventory policy) and actively contributes to others WPs.


Contact: Tina Volk

Email: tina.volk(at)kis.si

Phone : +386 12805114



Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics (Lithuania)

LIAE, established in 1959 under the Ministry of Agriculture, is the only institute in Lithuania in field of agrarian economics. The strong side of LIAE is related with economics and social issues. The  Research areas of LIAE are : agricultural policy, climate change policy, environmental policy, market regulation of agricultural and food products, farm and enterprise economics, renewable energy resources from agriculture, regional, economic, social and environmental development in the countryside. The role of LIAE in the project is to prepare country reports on CIS countries (WP1), according to these results prepare the recommendations and perform the dissemination of the project results (WP7).


Contact : Jolanta Drozdz

Email: jolantad(at)laei.lt

Phone : +370 52611684


Johann Heinrich von Thuenen Institute, Federal Research Institute of Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries (Germany)

The Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute is one of four German federal research institutes under the auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. In 15 specialized institutes the TI pursues interdisciplinary research in the following areas: economics (micro and macroeconomics of agriculture, forestry, lumber, food and fish production), technology, material use of renewable natural resources, climate, biodiversity, organic farming. In AGRICISTRADE project, TI leads WP5 (Toolbox development) and also actively contributes to WP2 (country reviews), WP3 (Explore untapped potentials), WP4 (explore competitive chains) and WP6 (scenario analysis).


Contact : Martin Banse

Email: martin.banse(at)ti.bund.de

Phone : +49 5315965301


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is a non-governmental, multinational, independent organization devoted to interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research focusing on selected aspects of environmental, economic, technological and social issues in the context of global change.  IIASA investigators perform interdisciplinary research that combines methods and models from the natural and social sciences in addressing areas of concern for all societies. In this project IIASA participates with its Ecosystems Services and Management (ESM) Program, formerly known as Forestry Program. The ESM team combines key experts concerning forestry, agriculture and land use modeling as well as bio-geo-chemical (GHG) fluxes and economists at IIASA. IIASA leads the work on assessing the potential for increased biomass supply from CIS countries (WP3), and contributes to the economic assessment of untapping the production potentials on European and global markets (WP5 and WP6).


Contact : Dr. Petr Havlik

Email: havlikpt(at)iiasa.ac.at


Joint Research Centre – European Commission (Belgium)

The mission of the Joint Research Centre is to provide customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of European Union policies. The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) develops science-based responses to policy challenges that have both a socio-economic as well as a scientific/technological dimension. The Agriculture and Life Sciences in the Economy (AGRILIFE) unit carries out research on the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy and related topics using in particular quantitative tools. The AGRITRADE action hosts a modelling platform (iMAP) consisting of a variety of agro-economic simulation models (AgLINK, ESIM, CAPRI) as well as of economy-wide general equilibrium models (GLOBE, MAGNET, GTAP). In AGRICISTRADE project, JRC contributes to WP 1 (Statistical database), WP 2 (Country Review), WP5 (Toolbox development) and WP6 (Scenario analysis).


Contact : Guna Salputra

Email:  guna.salputra(at)ec.europa.eu

Phone : +34 954488489


International Centre for Agribusiness Research and Education Foundation (Armenia)

The International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education (ICARE) is committed to creation of sustainable capacity for the enhancement of agribusiness education, research and career building in Armenia and in the region by developing state-of-the-art educational programs directed to increase incomes of farmers and agribusiness firms and to sustain private entrepreneurship and economic growth in agrifood sector. The mission of ICARE is to become International Center of Excellence to offer highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs for preparing students to assume leadership roles in food and agribusiness and other related industries. In AGRICISTRADE project, ICARE contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Armenia and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact: Vardan Urutyan

Email:  vardan(at)icare.am

Phone: +374 93951177


Research Institute of Agricultural Economics (Azerbaijan)

IEOA contributes to the development of science of agricultural economics, and to the preparation and implementation of agrarian reforms. IEOA also participates in the preparation of laws and other normative acts for the development of the agricultural sector. The institute contributes to the detailed analysis of current situation of agricultural production, costs and farm profitability in Azerbaijan taking into account economic, social and environmental factors. Moreover, IEOA participates in the establishment and operation of a country-wide Farm Data Monitoring System. In AGRICISTRADE project, IEOA contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Azerbaijan and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).

Contact :Namig Shalbuzov

Email:  n.shalbuzov(at)mail.ru

Phone: +994 707138324


Research Centre of the Institute for Privatization and Management (Belarus)

The mission of IPM Research Center is “to enhance national competitiveness through elaboration of the research-based economic policy recommendation and the promotion of professional dialogue on the urgent issues related to economic performance”. The IPM Research Center was established in 1999. It aim is to ensure the international standards of economic research, and to provide comprehensive objective economic analysis to support informed decision making. In AGRICISTRADE project, IPM contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Belarus and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact : Alexander Chubrik

Email: chubrik(at)research.by


The Fund Georgian Centre for Agribusiness Development (Georgia)

Since 2009, The Fund Georgian Centre for Agribusiness Development is implementing USDA/FAS/CADI-funded project “Strengthening Higher Agribusiness Education in Georgia”. As an organization, GCAD is actively involved in the educational field and plays a significant role in the education development process in Georgia in particular in the area of higher agricultural education. In AGRICISTRADE project, GCAD contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Georgia and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact: Aleqsandre Bluashvili

Email: a.bluashvili(at)iset.ge


Analytical Centre of Economic Policy in Agricultural Sector (Kazakhstan)

The Analytical Centre of Economic Policy in Agricultural Sector (ACEPAS) is subsidiary company of Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan through ownership of parent company “KazAgroInnovation” JSC. The Main operations of ACEPAS are policy advisory services, economic research and consulting with emphasis on analytical and advisory aspects. In AGRICISTRADE project, ACEPAS contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Kazakhstan and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact: Ruslan Syzdykov

Email: id20072373(at)gmail.com


Institute of Economics, Finance and Statistics (Republic of Moldova)

The Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics is a public think-tank involved in research in the area of economics, finance, statistics, agri-food sector and elaboration of analytical support for reforms and policy makers. The institute’s domain of activity consists in performing scientific researches in economy, finance, and statistics, reforming of agri-food sector and rural development. IEFS contributes to elaboration and development of national strategies, directives and other important documents for the realization of the state policy in the fields of agriculture modernization, innovation and statistics.. In AGRICISTRADE project, IEFS contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Republic of Moldova and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact: Victor Moroz

Email: vmoroz27(at)gmail.com

Phone: +373 22501119


Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (Russian Federation) 

The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) is an infocentric consultancy engaged in analysis of the domestic Russian, CIS, and global agricultural and food systems. IKAR’s core competencies focus on analysis and forecasting of Russia’s and CIS agricultural commodity markets, with particular expertise in grain, sugar, oilseeds, meat and dairy products. The agency provides analytical services across a broad spectrum of issues and generates both short- and long-term commodity market forecasts. Its specialty is development of corporate strategies to capitalize on commodity market trends, coupled with consultations on investment strategies for the investment community. In AGRICISTRADE project, IKAR contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Russia and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact: Dmitri Rylko

Email: dmitri_rylko(at)hotmail.com

Phone: +7 9031301759


Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Civic Organisation (Ukraine)

The Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, founded in October 1999, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization and the leading Ukrainian analytical think tank focusing on economic research and policy advice. The core field of the IER expertise includes: the field of economy and economic policy-making; a leader of public opinion through organization of open public dialog; the contribution to the development of economic and political sciences as well as promoting development of Ukrainian research community. IER supplies high-quality economic research and policy advice in such spheres as trade, fiscal, agrifood, social, monetary, foreign, and energy policy, regional development, structural reforms, development of financial and agri-food markets, infrastructure, etc.  In AGRICISTRADE project, IER contributes to the collection, processing and documentation of data in Ukraine and the preparation of country report (WP1 and WP2).


Contact : Oleg Nivievskyi

Email: nivievskyi(at)ier.kiev.ua

Phone: +380 979376296


University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana is the principal national higher education and research institution in the domain of applied life sciences. Its graduate and postgraduate programmes, as well as research, technical and consulting work concern the sciences of living nature (biology, microbiology) as well as agriculture, forestry and fisheries (forestry, animal husbandry, agronomy) and the related production technologies (wood technology, food technology, biotechnology). In AGRICISTRADE project, UL contributes to country review (WP2) and scenario analysis for the production and trade developments (WP6).


Contact: Emil Erjavec

Email: emil.erjavec(at)bf.uni-lj.si

Phone: +386 1 3203804